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Are you looking for a digital marketing freelancer, right?.

Don’t worry, you are at the right place.

My name is Thasni uk, provides freelance assistance in  SEO, SMM, web designing and content marketing. I have done my Master of business Administration with a major specialization in marketing.

I can help  businesses who want to set up a strong internet presence and thereby serve their consumer with a very good customer experience. It is really important to establish a strong digital presence in order to survive in the contemporary competitive scenario.

so, let’s together climb your success ladder.


Do you find difficulty to know what exactly digital marketing is?

 I will make it clear to you. The internet users are increasing in the world day by day. People are used to purchase and hangout in online. Every marketing activity is successful when it could upgrade with the change in consumer behavior of their purchasers. So your product must be in the first page of search engine result page when they search your product or service category. Providing the right product at the right time is really important to retain the existing and create new customers. Finding what the competitor is doing and do more is really important to came forward. A business could establish a strong presence and growth if it has a smarter marketing technique.

Internet marketing involves all sets of activities in online. It uses the forms like videos, display ads, paid advertising, blogs, social media posts…etc. It is a very flexible form of marketing with less expense than traditional marketing. The greatest thing happens is digital communication helps in better targeting and a relationship building.


Why do you think digital marketing is important?

It will help us to connect with our ideal customers. No matter whether you are running a small, medium or large business, a very strong digital presence of your brand on website, social media, search engines will gives you superiority over your rivals. Of course you are  being  the best choice  for your consumers  among all other competitors in every aspect will be your ultimate aim. Here comes the strength and attractiveness of  internet marketing.

The scope and impact of internet marketing is wider than traditional marketing. A proper marketing strategy is a marathon through which we could bring our  venture to the next level. It will help you to make your goals into reality with less expenses. As we are living in the digital era it is really important to convince them in online, monitoring their behavior and do make changes accordingly. Here comes a nice opportunity for you to grab yours. So don’t think twice, let’s  connect with me.


   In your point of view, what are the various benefits of digital marketing?

 1)  It is economical and instant feedback aids to change the tactics. 

2) Time and effort saving

3) Global reach

4) Improve conversion rate 

5) Increased engagement

6) Multiple strategies

7) Effective targeting   


1) Search engine optimisation

2) Email marketing

3) Pay per click

4) Mobile marketing 

       5) Social media marketing

       6) Marketing analytics

       7) Content marketing

       8) Affiliate marketing




1) Hiring a freelance digital marketing strategist is cost effective. It is cheaper than recruiting an employee for work.



 2) A freelancer have more time to focus on your business than an agency as they will handle various projects at a moment.



 3) Stays flexible and ensures scheduled delivery.


digital marketing freelancer


digital marketing services smm


Brands will uses social media platforms in order to promote its products and services. It is an easy way to interact with its existing and attracting new buyers. 

digital marketing services content marketing


Content marketing is a marketing tactic through which consistent, relevant, and valuable content is distributed among the focus group and make them engaged and retained. 

digital marketing services email marketing


It is the marketing technique through sending messages about our brand, its uniqueness to a group of people  through mail. It will make them aware about discounts, offers and products  .  

digital marketing services web design


A website should be appealing. The content, image, and everything should be appealing and catchy to its visitors. A website could clearly communicate what you does, and why do you exist.

digital marketing services seo


SEO is the process of improving the site visibility to the desired audience. Ranking your website on SERP in order to create maximum leads and traffic to your website.

digital marketing services google ads


It is one of the  most significant advertising channel developed by google, uses for paid campaigns. It will help us get to the intended users.



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